Carrie robles

"So far, I've lost 25 lbs since taking this pic and I'm still going strong!!

I'm still working on losing more...thanks to my zumba classes!! :-) "

After picture taken 6/24/14


​Patricia olmedo

"Hi my name is Patricia Olmedo, June 26th will be one year that when I looked at this picture I decided to switch my lifestyle around to a better healthy eating and regular exercise. Some friends and I joined Zumba classes. Till this day I am proud of myself and can say I am 30 lbs down. I am still a work in process, and I know that with my commitment and the awesome Zumba instructors at Fantastic Fitness, I will achieve my weight loss goal!"

Before picture taken 6/26/13

After picture taken 6/17/14

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"It's been a year since I joined as a member.  I love it.  I've changed in my body, strength & confidence thanks to the awesome instructors Stephanie B for her Zumba & Insanity classes as well as her weight loss program; which have helped me not only lose weight, but increased my strength & improved my dance moves. Michelle's Turbo Kick classes have helped me with my strength & balance.  Alex for his sassy Zumba classes & love the newer Zumba Toning which has increased my arm strength as well as keeping them toned. Darla's Zumba class is classy just like her; wish I could make it to more of her classes. If you're looking for a place to workout Fantastic has it all Zumba, Turbo Kick, Insanity & Piyo (haven't tried this yet); but I here it's great.  I've also made some awesome friendships both with the instructors as well with other members."

After picture 9/4/2016

jesenia garcia

"I became a Fantastic Fitness member in February 2014. Previously, I attempted to work out on my own or go to the gym but it was notfor me and after a few days I would stop. I discovered Fantastic Fitness in late January 2014. During my first class I thought I would never learn the steps to the songs, but I learned them very quickly.  Attending Zumba classes with great  instructors such as Angela motivated me to keep going to Zumba. The instructors make working out fun. I set a goal to lose weight in February and since then I have lost 20pounds. I have made Zumba, TurboKick, and eating healthier a part of my life. I am very happy to have found Fantastic Fitness. It has changed my life. I feel great!"

Before picture taken 1/16/14

After picture taken 6/16/14